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CNN Pushes Straight Up Lies About Politics of Kansas City Shooter

April 15, 2014

This headline is a complete fabrication.

From the story…

On Sunday, a man shot and killed a 14-year-old boy and his grandfather at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and then drove to a nearby Jewish retirement community where he shot and killed a third person. Police arrested a suspect, Frazier Glenn Cross, who shouted “Heil Hitler” after he was taken into custody.

Cross, who also goes by Frazier Glenn Miller, is a well-known right wing extremist who founded the Carolina Knights of the Ku Klux Klan and the White Patriot Party, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center.

CNN conveniently ignored the fact that the shooter ran for governor and congress as a Democrat.

Also worth noting, one of the authors of this story works for a George Soros funded organization.

Is CNN aware that the FBI doesn’t trust the SPLC as an authority on hate crimes anymore?

Way to publish such a pile of BS on the anniversary of the Boston Marathon bombing, CNN. You are aware that that bombing was carried out by Jihadists, right?

Sharyl Attkisson Says Obama Admin Kills Negative News Stories

April 14, 2014

Actually, she says a lot more than just that. She describes a situation where anyone who practices real journalism, as she did at CBS until she recently quit, is shut out by the administration.

What she describes, is a situation the media would never have tolerated from the Bush administration or any other Republican for that matter.

Via The Washington Free Beacon.

The Most Interesting Thing The Simpsons Have Done in Years

April 14, 2014

I haven’t watched The Simpsons on a Sunday night in a long time which is how I easily missed this couch gag from last month. If you haven’t seen it, take a look. It goes from the usual animation to a completely different style.

People On Food Stamps Now Outnumber Working Women

April 14, 2014

No wonder Democrats would rather talk about the evil Koch brothers and imagined racism…

Food Stamp Recipients Outnumber Women Who Work Full-Time

People participating in the food stamp program outnumbered the women who worked full-time, year-round in the United States in 2012, according to data from the Department of Agriculture and the Census Bureau.

In the average month of 2012, according to the Department of Agriculture, there were 46,609,000 people participating in the food stamp program (formally known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program). That contrasts with the 44,059,000 women who worked full-time, year-round in 2012, according to the Census Bureau’s report on Income, Poverty and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States.

Here’s a handy chart from the article.

New York Court Struggles To Find Jurors Who Don’t Hate The Occupy Movement

April 12, 2014

The trial of an Occupy Wall Street activist accused of assaulting a police officer has been held up by the jury selection process.

The problem? No one in New York likes the Occupy movement. I wonder why?

The Guardian UK reports…

Trial of Occupy activist struggles to find jurors impartial to protest movement

It is the most important question being asked of dozens of New Yorkers lined up as potential jurors for the trial of Cecily McMillan, an Occupy Wall Street activist accused of assaulting a police officer: what do you think of her protest movement?

Unfortunately for those keen on the swift procession of justice, a series of Manhattan residents who presented themselves at the criminal courthouse this week declared that they strongly disagreed with it – and could not promise to be impartial about one of its members.

“I’m involved in Wall Street things. I’m on the Wall Street side, not their side,” George Yih, one of a group of prospective jurors whose names were plucked from a tombola by the clerk, said under questioning from Judge Ronald Zweibel on Wednesday. “They can protest all they want, but they can’t brainwash my mind.”

I have a sudden strange new respect for New Yorkers.

UPDATE: Linked at Hot Air and Instapundit.

Sarah Palin – We Have A President Who Doesn’t Understand The Constitution

April 12, 2014

I’ll never forget all the Obama supporters in 2008 constantly talking about Obama as a constitutional scholar. He sure has a funny way of showing it now that he’s president, doesn’t he?

Here’s Sarah Palin on Eric Bolling’s FOX News show this weekend discussing Obama, the Constitution and more.

Via iOwntheworld.

Bill Whittle – Disarming the Warriors

April 12, 2014

In the latest edition of Afterburner, Bill Whittle addresses a question that’s bound to be on many minds recently. Why are military bases gun free zones?

Bill is on fire here, watch the whole thing.

The Week In Review At College Insurrection

April 12, 2014

It was Slugs on Strike Week at College Insurrection.

Via Legal Insurrection…

Always look for the union label.

Don’t count on everyone to be on board though.

Maybe transgender students will unionize.

Speaking of Free Speech Zones…

This week’s featured lecture is about belief in God vs. Atheism.

Of course, believing in God doesn’t disqualify you from being a realist.

Nor does it make you an expert on the forces of evil.

Or an authority on racism.

Or rape culture.

Just try to be optimistic.

And be cool.

And take care of yourself.

Because sometimes things will work out.

Unless you’re a professional victim.

With no idea how good you have it.

Thanks for reading College Insurrection!

MSNBC: The Real Victim Of The IRS Scandal Is The IRS

April 11, 2014

Can you even believe the way the IRS is being witch hunted by… the people who they witch hunted?

All this McCarthyism is just like… the way the IRS blacklisted people based solely on their politics.

I guess I’m just crazy for expecting logic from MSNBC which is supposedly a news network.

Via Ace of Spades.

Obama Revives Birtherism Over Voter IDs

April 11, 2014

Everyone knows that Birtherism started with Hillary Clinton’s 2008 campaign, right?

I actually got a kick out of this video.

I love how Obama can put on his frowny face while talking about voter IDs, something you have to have to participate in big union votes, and then shift to stand-up comedy mode seconds later. What a tool.

There’s nothing Obama loves more than speaking to an adoring crowd.


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