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US Ambassador Killed On Obama’s Watch, Media Attacks Romney

September 12, 2012

I don’t know where to begin tonight because I’m so angry about so many things.

I’m outraged that our embassy in Egypt was attacked and that the same thing happened in Libya. I’m outraged that our ambassador to Libya and three other people were killed. I’m outraged that we’re more concerned about hurting people’s feelings than freedom of speech.

After all this happened, Mitt Romney issued a statement criticizing the way the situation was handled by the Obama Administration. The American media, knowing the threat this presented to Obama politically, immediately began circling the wagons around Obama and framing the narrative to make this all about Mitt Romney.

Our ambassador’s body was dragged through the street and the media cares more about protecting Obama.

Members of the media conspired to attack Romney today. They were caught on tape.

Their questions for Romney were all the same.

They are ignoring the fact that while the world is in chaos, Obama is at a fundraiser in Las Vegas.

This goes beyond liberal bias folks. This is a conspiracy.

I’ll leave you with this chilling quote from Allahpundit…

This is actually happening, guys. You’re not dreaming. We live in a country where “serious” political media is actually pushing this meme:

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