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Scott Brown Won Tonight’s Debate Hands Down

September 20, 2012

Full disclosure – I live in Massachusetts and I was one of Scott Brown’s earliest supporters.

That being said, I watched the whole debate tonight and here’s what I saw.

Elizabeth Warren just got her fake Native American ass handed to her by Senator Scott Brown.

Scott Brown offered substantive answers backed up by facts. Elizabeth Warren was nothing but liberal talking points from the Democratic Party. In fact, Elizabeth Warren’s position on everything seemed to break down into two categories:

1. Millionaires and Billionaires.

2. Big oil straw men.

Brown nailed her to her massive salary for teaching one class, the fact that she doesn’t voluntarily pay the higher taxes she demands, the fact that she defended the largest insurance company in the US while screwing asbestos poisoning victims, her declaration of being the inspiration for Occupy Wall Street, her fake Indian heritage, and on and on and on.

I’ve looked at the comments on other conservative blogs and while the commenters agree that Brown won the debate, some conservatives were surprised by Brown’s positions on climate change and life. Allow me to explain…

Brown is the only kind of Republican who can win in Massachusetts. That’s it.

There will never be a Rand Paul or Jim DeMint who will win in the Bay State. Ever.

This is one of the reasons why Warren is having such a hard time running against Brown. She wants to run against a hard right conservative but Brown’s just not that guy. It’s exactly why he won last time. Massachusetts voters, even many liberals, recognize that he’s not that guy and that’s why they’re OK with voting for him.

I thought one of the key moments in the debate came when the talk turned to military service. While Brown pointed to his own service to America, the best Warren could do was to say she’s related to people who served America. More telling though was the fact that Brown told Warren to thank the members of her family who served while Warren never thanked Brown for his service.

Finally, Scott Brown out middle-classed Warren. For all her talk about sticking up for the middle class, Warren came across as exactly what she is – a rich liberal Cantabrigian who teaches at Harvard who has never gotten her hands dirty in her entire life. Brown on the other hand, came across as exactly what he is, a regular guy from modest beginnings who’s been working his butt off for his entire life and who understands the minds of regular folks in Massachusetts.

I fully expect the MSM to call tonight’s debate a draw.

They’ll be wrong.

Brown won.

UPDATE: Read William Jacobson’s analysis here.

UPDATE II: Read Allahpundit’s take here.

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  1. Phil permalink
    September 20, 2012 11:41 pm

    Scott vote with the Rs 64% of the time that is somewhere between 45% and 60% more of the time than his opponent will. I want to slap every MA conservative who calls him a RINO. He is much further to the right than I had hoped to see in my life time. That said, don’t say never to a DeMint type, but acknowledge that the party has to get off its duff, and get organized down to the precinct level in every city and town.I am working to change moonbat Arlington, what are the rest of you readers doing?

  2. September 21, 2012 9:58 am

    I appreciate your thinking on the subject. I live in Pittsburgh but I am following this race closely as I was a brown supporter myself when he was the last hope to stop healthcare. That being said, I agree with the reply. Where Democrats have republicans beat is down at the absolute lowest level. Almost every elected official in Allegheny county (Pittsburgh’s seat) is a liberal (Dem or republican). It is time for us tea party types to get buys and route out liberals at all levels.

  3. Tom Murphy permalink
    September 21, 2012 10:06 am

    I am also from Massachusetts, Worceseter. Here is the problem with mass voters; My parents live as total conservatives going to church on Sundays, family members served in every war since our family came here and have always spent frugally and saved for the future always espousing personal responsibility. They will never vote for a Republican. I don’t get it, but you can put real Obama platforms on paper next to Romney platforms and even though they will agree with Romney on everything, they will still vote for Obama and Warren. My father says it goes back to the end of ww2 where the Republicans fought against the G.I. Bill and the Democrats had to bring a Miane Senator on his death bed to Washington to defeat the Republican filabuster. Either way, it is why we have these carpet bagger Senate candidates in Mass.


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