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The Liberal Media Is Letting Obama Get Away With Murder

October 2, 2012

Chris Stevens, the American Ambassador to Libya is dead. His murder happened on Obama’s watch. Obama didn’t kill the man himself but his death is likely due to the Obama administration’s failure to protect him.

The American media is letting Obama off the hook for Stevens’ death.

It is shameful, despicable and criminal.

Obama lied to the American people about what happened in Libya and the media, which is supposed to speak truth to power, is covering it up by not reporting the truth.

Here are 5 scandals that would have ruined any other president.

That is, if the media cared to do their job.

America is living under a media coup.

The corrupt liberal media complex deserves to be removed from office as much as the corrupt president they have worked so hard to keep in power.

When will the Obama administration and their media allies want to talk about this?



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