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10 Reasons Why I Believe Romney Will Win

November 5, 2012

I’m not linking any polls or pundits here. These 10 reasons are based on my own common sense and observations over the last weeks and months.

10. All of my liberal friends are filled with dread.

9. All of my conservative and independent friends are very optimistic.

8. I live in Massachusetts and I have yet to see an Obama yard sign.

7. Obama has betrayed his 2008 campaign by going completely negative.

6. Romney has run a better, positive campaign of real change and solutions.

5. People are sick of being called racists for opposing Obama.

4. Everyone I know is worried about the economy.

3. Many liberal newspapers which endorsed Obama in 2008 have switched to Romney in 2012.

2. The American people know Obama has nothing new to offer.

1. The American people know Mitt Romney can do better.

Obama could have done better and he had a fair shot at being a great president. He blew it.

When the American people wanted jobs, he gave us ObamaCare. When the American people wanted unity, Obama gave us division in the form of us vs. them. When the American people wanted transparency and accountability, which Obama promised, he gave us backroom deals and crony palms greased with Stimulus cash. Obama promised energy independence then shut down the Keystone pipeline as he gave billions to his green energy friends who took the money and ran.

Obama promised to be post-partisan, yet everything he has done since becoming president speaks otherwise.

The bottom line is that Obama does not deserve another term. He hasn’t earned it. Anyone in the private sector with Obama’s record as president would have been fired long ago with no questions.

Mitt Romney deserves a chance and we’re lucky as a nation that he wants to help rather than enjoy the rest of his life on a sunny beach somewhere.

Go to the polls and vote for Mitt Romney.

Do it for yourself, your family and your country.

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  1. joe permalink
    November 6, 2012 9:09 am

    I was in the meat of elections in another country for a number of years and once deal with the same type of naccissist like your Obama ( do not even want to call him President! Sorry!)

    Aside from party hacks most people eventually wanted to get rid of him. A lot of what you are saying is correct about the “signs” and much has to do with the entheusiasm on the ground – rally size, number of posters, etc that are all over the place for Romney/Ryan.

    Forget the emotion and look at the facts in terms of party affiliation and Romney’s lead with independents. It is simply not mathimatically possible for there to be an even split with R and D and with Romney leading massively with Independents for Obama to win.
    Aside from the R/D representation the entheusiasm from the Republicans, Catholics, religeous, tea party people is going to rock America with the support for Romney.

    By the time Romney comes out on top in Virginia by at least 10 points it will all be over bar the shouting. I would just love to see Penn and M go for Romney – which they will!

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