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SURPRISE! Obama Lost in Every State With Photo ID Laws

November 8, 2012

I’m not interested in contesting the 2012 election results. There’s no point. It’s over.

Still, I know you’ll be as shocked as I am by this…

November 7 | Was the election stolen? Remember all those lawsuits by Democrats demanding that any voter identification laws be repealed. Well, now we know why they filed them. They needed to steal the vote in certain key states so that Obama could be reelected.

Curiously, Obama lost in every state that requires a photo ID to be produced before voting. A list of closely contested state elections with no voter ID, which narrowly went to Obama include: Minnesota (10), Iowa (6), Wisconsin (10), Nevada (6), Colorado (9), New Mexico (5) and Pennsylvania (20). This amounts to a total of 66 electoral votes. When added to Romney’s total of 205 electoral votes, that would give Romney 271 electoral votes, enough votes to win even without Ohio or Florida.

Romney also likely had the states of Florida and Ohio stolen from him, which don’t require photo IDs. Ohio requires a non-photo ID. Would a library card do? Florida “requests” a photo ID, but doesn’t require it. So what happens if they request a photo ID and the illegal alien Haitian doesn’t have one? Do they just count the vote anyway?

Why should any of this be a surprise though?

Out-of-state students in Ohio were able to vote with a school provided $0 utility bill.

Even the UN poll watchers were shocked by the lack of IDs.

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  1. MikeHouston permalink
    November 9, 2012 6:49 am

    I think it is very interesting that the main comment made by the “UN observers” was that they couldn’t understand why we allowed people to vote without having to produce an ID.

    The mainstream media really glossed over that story 🙂

  2. November 10, 2012 7:37 am

    Two days ago, I overheard a woman in Minnesota describe how at her polling place, a van full of people came in to vote and none of them spoke English. She went on to say that she, the judge, had to allow it since speaking English is not a restriction, and that as long as they have valid ID, they can vote.

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