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The Sex Life of David Petraeus Vs. Benghazi

November 12, 2012

Has anyone else noticed that the American media seems far more interested in the sordid details of the sex life of David Petraeus than the four Americans who died in Benghazi?

I realize the position Petraeus held at the CIA makes it a big story but still…

Before the election, other than FOX News there was a virtual media blackout over what happened in Benghazi. Now there’s a media feeding frenzy taking place over the resignation of Petraeus because of an affair.

I am not the first, nor will I be the last person to question the timing of this story.

My bigger concern however, is that the media is now talking around the Benghazi story instead of talking about it. This reeks of deception, smoke screen and distraction.

It’s been the top story at Memeorandum for days.

When is the media going to tell us what happened to the four dead Americans?

As a follow-up, read this piece by Joel Engel at Legal Insurrection.

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