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Elmo Puppeteer Paid Accuser $125K To Recant

November 17, 2012

Well this is interesting…

Last week, the guy who accused Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash recanted his accusation.

Here’s why…

Elmo puppeteer Kevin Clash agreed to pay his then-underage sex accuser $125,000 to recant his story, according to TMZ.

Sheldon Stephens came forward this month claiming he had a sexual relationship with “Sesame Street” Muppeteer Kevin Clash, 52, when Stephens was just 16 years old. Clash said they were consenting adults at the time.

On Tuesday, Stephens recanted the underage accusation.

TMZ reported Saturday that Stephens backtracked on his story after being paid $125,000.

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  1. Tom Murphy permalink
    November 19, 2012 5:06 pm

    Look into the Big Bird character, the actor that plays Big Bird is Carroll Spinney; he lives in Woodstock Ct and is the owner operator of solair nudist camp. At this nudist camp, one of Big Bird’s workers kidnapped, raped and murdered a local teacher. Also years ag a Massachusetts State trooper was extorting strippers there making porno movies. I just wonder how many times Elmo has been to Big Bird’s nest.

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