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Remember When Liberals Hated Corporate Money in Politics?

November 23, 2012

Remember when liberals said corporate money in politics was evil?

Let’s see, when was that again? Oh yeah, a few months ago.

Today? Not so much.

Seems Obama is considering the use of corporate money for his second beatification in January.

From the WSJ via Hot Air…

President Barack Obama’s fundraising advisers have urged the White House to accept corporate donations for his January 2013 inaugural celebration rather than rely exclusively on weary donors who underwrote his $1 billion re-election effort. …

The White House wouldn’t release the cost of the ceremony or what the fundraising target is.

Four years ago Mr. Obama barred corporations from donating to his inauguration, a gesture meant to show that well-heeled interests wouldn’t have undue influence in his administration. For the 2009 events he raised more than $50 million from other donors to help cover the costs of celebrations.

But the climate is different now.

Funny how everything’s different… now.

Of course the New York Times is still fighting the left’s fight against corporate money in politics, despite the fact that they’re the largest and most powerful media organization for the Democratic Party and… a corporation.

They love free speech, as long as they decide who gets it.

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