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The 5 Best Guest Hosts on FOX News

November 23, 2012

If you watch FOX News, you know that as we roll into the holiday season, we’re going to see a lot of guest hosts.

Here I present, in my humble opinion or “IMHO” as they say on the internets…

The 5 best guest hosts on FOX NEWS.

Prime time edition….

Special Report with Bret Baier – Best guest host – Shannon Breem

The FOX Report with Shep Smith – Best guest host – Harris Faulkner
Truth be told, I like Harris better than Shep.

The O’Reilly Factor – A tie between Laura Ingraham and Greg Gutfeld

I like them both for different reasons.

Laura Ingraham’s no nonsense approach is great and she’s unapologetically conservative.

Greg is awesome because of his razor wit and his genuine understanding of the culture war.

Hannity – Best guest host – Tucker Carlson
Tucker Carlson always brings a fresh libertarian angle to the Hannity show and as the editor of the Daily Caller, he’s up to speed on all the issues.

On the Record With Greta Van Susteren – In this category, I’m going to go with someone I think would be an awesome guest host for Greta – Tammy Bruce. Can’t you see it?

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  1. John Simonds permalink
    November 24, 2012 7:32 am

    Agree that Harris Faulkner is head and shoulders better than Shep. I like Laura Ingraham as a guest, but not as a host. While O’Reilly attempts to be fair and balanced, she is fairly one sided so it doesn’t fit well as host, but perfect as guest.


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