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November 30, 2012

I don’t know why this fiscal cliff business is so difficult. Don’t Republicans realize that Democrats and the media are going to blame them no matter what happens?

Give the people what they voted for.

Let it burn.

Tucker Carlson and Neil Patel of the Daily Caller…

Leaping off the cliff is probably the best deal Republicans are capable of getting.

Hapless Republican leaders exacerbated this crisis, but they didn’t cause it. A radically progressive tax code did. Ever wonder why government has grown larger even during periods when tax rates have gone down? Maybe it’s because the average person has no real idea what government costs. As of today, the top one percent of earners pay nearly 40 percent of all federal income taxes. The richest 10 percent pay more than 70 percent of all federal income taxes. In other words, most people have very little skin in the game.

A system like this is popular with the majority — why wouldn’t it be? — but it is unsustainable. When the bulk of the country has no stake in fiscal restraint, expectations become unmoored from reality and spending explodes.

Jim Geraghty of National Review…

At this moment, Republicans in Congress need to examine which presents a more dire threat to the country:

A) A double-dip recession driven by the sequester and the expiration of the Bush tax cuts, or

B) the public’s belief (verified through polling) that our giant debt, our ticking time bomb of entitlements, and our gargantuan government can be solved by “asking the richest Americans to pay a little bit more,” as Obama insists.

Option A is terrible, but Option B is the giant locked door blocking all of the real solutions.

So if we must have tax hikes, let the tax cuts for every income level expire and let everyone of every income level pay higher taxes. Destroy the illusion among so many voters that they can get all the government they want without paying more in taxes.

Charles Krauthammer in the Washington Post…

Why are the Republicans playing along? Because it is assumed that Obama has the upper hand. Unless Republicans acquiesce and get the best deal they can right now, tax rates will rise across the board on Jan. 1, and the GOP will be left without any bargaining chips.

But what about Obama? If we all cliff-dive, he gets to preside over yet another recession. It will wreck his second term. Sure, Republicans will get blamed. But Obama is never running again. He cares about his legacy. You think he wants a second term with a double-dip recession, 9 percent unemployment and a totally gridlocked Congress? Republicans have to stop playing as if they have no cards.

Obama is claiming an electoral mandate to raise taxes on the top 2 percent. Perhaps, but remember those incessant campaign ads promising a return to the economic nirvana of the Clinton years? Well, George W. Bush cut rates across the board, not just for the top 2 percent. Going back to the Clinton rates means middle-class tax hikes that yield four times the revenue that you get from just the rich.

So give Obama the full Clinton. Let him live with that. And with what also lies on the other side of the cliff: 28 million Americans newly subject to the ruinous alternative minimum tax.

Republicans must stop acting like supplicants. If Obama so loves those Clinton rates, Republicans should say: Then go over the cliff and have them all.

Rush Limbaugh…

Would somebody explain to me how the people who elected Obama, who support Obama, who love Obama in the media, in the universities, who write the history, are going to write anything critical of the guy no matter what happens? Even if there is a second term recession, you’re gonna need a telescope to find it reported, just like you need a telescope to find Oprah’s network now. It won’t be reported as a recession. So what is the leverage that the Republicans have? To my mind the only leverage they’ve got is to walk away from this, to stop playing, to stop talking, to stop playing this game.

Obama has never cut a thing. Obama is never going to cut a thing.

All the tax increases on the rich that could ever be enacted are not going to help a damn thing.

Give the petulant man-child what he wants.

Make him own it all.

Let it burn.

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  1. Catseye permalink
    November 30, 2012 8:07 pm

    I’m in the let it burn camp also, crash the economy an let O’bama have the ensuing disaster for his second term.

  2. jasoninsd permalink
    December 1, 2012 11:40 am

    Reposting a comment I made over at Doug Ross’s site in response to commenter “Frodus”‘s statement, “No matter what the Repulicans do they will get blamed for it..Ive said this over and over..go over the cliff shut it down.The takers have out voted the makers,there is no turning back now.for the issue to the states.”

    The democrats had two years of both houses of Congress and a lame-duck President. Then they had two years of supermajority and Obama sitting in the big chair. THEN, they had the last two years to observe the results.

    So what is the conventional wisdom? That Obama couldn’t get everything that he wanted because of recalcitrant Republicans and that Obama is a moderate because he was able to compromise to get his legislation passed. Compromise with whom? How many Republican votes did PPACA get? And it passed? What compromise?

    The fact that the Republicans couldn’t communicate this message having had SIX YEARS to do so is nothing short of abject failure.

    There have been so many times in the last six years where a principled party would have shut the whole thing down. No budget? Shut it down. No Kagan recusal (although that would have been meaningless in hindsight, damn you to Hell, John Roberts)? Shut it down. Libyan airstrikes? Shut it down. Stonewalling Fast and Furious? Shut it down. Shut it down, shut it down, shut it down.

    The Republicans are dead by their own hands and I say screw ’em. They’re worse than useless, they’re useful to the enemy.

    The only hope we have is a quick and painful discipline. We need to pancake and we need to do it hard. We NEED the streets to erupt so that the threat can be exposed and eliminated. If we allow this to be “managed,” we will find ourselves as boiled frogs, arguing amongst ourselves as to the exact moment the country failed.


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