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Progressive Media To Start Getting Tough On Obama And Other Fairy Tales

December 3, 2012

Politico thinks a second term means progressives in media are going to get tough on Obama.

Gee, what are they gonna do? Stop comparing him to Jesus?

What a joke. Matt Welch of Reason weighs in here.

Read Stacy McCain’s two cents here.

The simple fact that the left has ignored Obama’s kill lists, political enemies lists, snitch programs, and his use of drones to kill people at his personal discretion tells you everything you need to know about progressives in media.

With the possible exception of Glenn Greenwald, progressives in media spent eight years calling Bush a fascist for far less than what they have conveniently ignored under Obama.

In a related news item, I’ve obtained an exclusive photo of Obama’s Oval Office drone controller.

Actually, that one might be in Joe Biden’s office.

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