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Shocking Report Says Republicans Will Be Blamed For Fiscal Cliff No Matter What

December 4, 2012

From the department of DUH.

A new poll from the Washington Post suggests that a slight majority of Americans are ready to blame Republicans for going over the fiscal cliff. Fifty-three percent of Americans agree.

Say… Isn’t that the number of Americans who voted for Obama?

Democrats control the White House, Democrats control the Senate, Democrats haven’t produced a budget in over four years but somehow Republicans are always to blame.

Funny how that works…

A majority of Americans say that if the country goes over the fiscal cliff on Dec. 31, congressional Republicans should bear the brunt of the blame, according to a new Washington Post-Pew Research Center poll, the latest sign that the GOP faces a perilous path on the issue between now and the end of the year.

While 53 percent of those surveyed say the GOP would (and should) lose the fiscal cliff blame game, just 27 percent say President Obama would be deserving of more of the blame. Roughly one in 10 (12 percent) volunteer that both sides would be equally to blame.

Those numbers are largely unchanged from a Post-Pew survey conducted three weeks ago and suggest that for all of the back and forth in Washington on the fiscal cliff, there has been little movement in public perception. The numbers also explain why Republicans privately fret about the political dangers of going over the cliff, while Democrats are more sanguine about such a prospect.

I’ll keep saying it until someone in the GOP listens.


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