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Shameful American Media Ignores Violence And Racism In Michigan

December 13, 2012

With the single exception of FOX News, the American media is completely ignoring the violence and racism which took place in Michigan this week.

John Nolte of lays it all out…

A predominantly white mob calls a black man named Clint Tarver a “nigger” and “Uncle Tom” as they physically demolish his business. This violence is caught on video, the victim has told his story, and plenty of witnesses exist. Moreover, at the same time this incident occurred, we also have photographic and video evidence of more violence allegedly perpetrated by this same group of pro-union protesters.

This is happening in America, not some third world country. And it’s not happening in 1964, or in the South, or in a miniseries or TV movie; it’s happening this week in Lansing, Michigan.

And yet, the media won’t cover it.

Let me reiterate: Racism, violence, property destruction — and all of it caught on VIDEO… And still, the media won’t cover it.

Lee Stranahan of interviewed Clint Tarver about what happened to him…

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