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If You Need Further Proof That Unions Control The Democratic Party…

December 20, 2012

Look no further than this new piece by Greg Sargent of the Washington Post…

AFL-CIO to White House: Time to rescind your offer to Boehner

I’m not sure it’s widely understood just how angry some of the major stakeholders on the left are about the latest turns in the fiscal cliff talks. The sight of the White House offering more concessions to John Boehner, only to be met with more GOP intransigence in the form of his absurd Plan B, is stirring bad memories of 2011 and has some on the left insisting that the only proper response is for Obama to rescind his most recent offer.

Case in point: The AFL-CIO wants Obama to pull back his proposal to raise the income threshold on the tax hikes to $400,000 and to rescind the offer of Chained CPI on Social Security.

“He needs to recognize what everyone else recognizes, which is that he made an overly generous offer to Boehner, and Boehner threw it back at him,” Damon Silvers, the policy director for the AFL-CIO, told me this afternoon. “The appropriate response is to tell Boehner the offer is no longer valid.”

Make no mistake…

Greg Sargent isn’t just citing the AFL-CIO’s opinion, he’s endorsing their involvement in policy creation and suggesting that their influence on the White House is completely appropriate.

Unions have a place in America and they’ve done many good things for American workers but in recent years, their corrupt and thuggish side has become all too apparent.

In many states, the influence of big unions on politics has destroyed economies.

As William Jacobson points out, Rhode Island is now in a death spiral…

This state is run by the unions who have the Democratic policiticans in their pockets, and a populace which loves big government despite the state’s horrible fiscal position, including cities which have or are on the brink of bankruptcy.

America is already on the road to Greece and in case you haven’t noticed, the guy who’s driving us there is a member of a big union.

How nice for him.

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  1. fritzkatz permalink
    December 26, 2012 11:54 pm

    No problem…. when states like Rhode Island, Illinois, and California go bankrupt, the Obama regime will just bail them out with the taxes created by those who work hard and create wealth in states like Texas and North Dakota.

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