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The Following Celebrities Will Never Appear In Another Violent Movie

December 27, 2012


Aren’t these Hollywood actors saying that no matter how big the pile of money placed in front of them, that they will never ever participate in a movie that features gun violence? Ever?

Maybe they just wanted to be part of this video to soak in their sense of self importance.

I’ll let this Twitter user sum it up…

I guess all these people will give up their armed security too, right?

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  1. Milwaukee permalink
    December 29, 2012 12:07 am

    Who are these people? Do they know that we watch them for their pretty faces, and not their brains?

    When are we going to do something about mental health risks? Did the mention the Aurora theater shootings? The psychologist did turn Holme’s name over to the police, and Nothing was Done. Enough. Major Hasan Nidal was not reprimanded by his “superiors” for reasons of political correctness. Enough.

    Outlaw “gun free zones”!


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