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If You’re Interested In The Dana Loesch Vs. Breitbart Story…

December 29, 2012

I highly recommend reading the three reports by Robert Stacy McCain linked below.

I’ve stayed away from the story because I don’t know the facts and I like the people involved. Stacy McCain has managed to report the story as objectively and factually as anyone could, proving once again why his experience as a hard news man serves him so well as a blogger. There are so many historic details I forgot, such as the contentious relationship Andrew Breitbart had with Glenn Beck.

I spoke to Stacy McCain on Christmas Eve and thanked him for his reportage. While this story is disappointing for anyone who likes Dana Loesch and the Breitbart news organization, the right side of the blogosphere shouldn’t ignore it.

We’re lucky to have Stacy McCain who’s doing a great job of sorting it out.

Read these reports in order for clarity.

Dana Loesch, Indentured Servant?

Newsroom Management Training Video

Credit Where Credit Is Due: Breitbart, Beck and the Dana Loesch Lawsuit

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