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Shocker: Occupy Wall Street Denies Link To Couple Busted With Guns And Bombs

January 2, 2013

Of course! This is what they always do.

Any time someone is arrested, molested, raped, assaulted, threatened or killed in connection with the Occupy Wall Street movement, the media trots out some supposed spokesman who stands there like Bart Simpson next to a broken vase saying I didn’t do it.

The latest case relates to an OWS hipster couple living in Greenwich Village who were busted with guns, explosives and a copy of a terrorist handbook.

Occupy Wall Street’s response? Don’t look at us…

Occupy Wall Street Denies Link To Young Couple Busted With Bombmaking Materials

Occupy Wall Street doesn’t want to be associated with the young West Village couple who were allegedly busted over the weekend with a houseful of explosives, weapons and a bomb-making guide. Morgan Gliedman, 27, and Aaron Greene, 31, were arrested Saturday after police reportedly found seven grams of highly explosive HMTD powder, a flare launcher, a shotgun, ammo, rifle magazines and instructions on making bombs, including a printout entitled “The Terrorist Encyclopedia,” at their home. An early report from the New York Post identified Mr. Greene as an “Occupy Wall Street activist,” but this afternoon the movement’s public relations arm said there is no evidence to support links between Mr. Greene and Occupy.

“There is nothing in the news stories to support a link between OWS and the individual arrested; his name is unfamiliar to many OWS activists,” the statement posted on the Occupy Wall Street Press Relations Working Group page said. “A very large number of people came through Zuccotti Park, and there are countless Occupy-related groups nationwide, so it is very difficult to ascertain if one person participated in anything related to OWS.”

The press coverage of Occupy Wall Street and their constant insistence that OWS is a “mostly peaceful” movement has become the fodder of endless jokes in the conservative blogosphere.

To understand why, one need look no further than the MSM’s repeated attempts to smear the Tea Party movement as terrorists while ignoring or trying to explain away every breach of law connected to Occupy.

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