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The Fake War On Women Worked

January 3, 2013

Matt K. Lewis of The Daily Caller has written a new piece for The Week in which he argues that conservatives have lost the culture war.

You can read his article here but what I found more enlightening were the comments that followed.

Particularly this one…

Hey, Lewis, here’s a big newsflash for you: most Americans understand that the conservative movement that decries government control actually wants to control everything. THAT is why people are moving away from conservatism. It is a philosophy of hypocrisy. Maybe our economy would be better off if the GOP had spent less time obsessing about uteri and fetuses and more time passing legitimate legislation instead of abortion bans and vaginal probe requirements. Stop acting like normal people not liking your brand of insanity is not your fault, Lewis. You prop up a party full of flat-out stupid ideas and wonder why no one’s buying? It’s not us, it’s YOU.

The War on Women was never real, it was woven out of thin air by the Democratic Party and low information voters bought it hook, line and sinker. Anyone who watched the Republican Primary debates knows the exact moment this fake war was launched. It was during the debate moderated by George Stephanopoulos in which he repeatedly asked all of the candidates if they would ban abortion, a subject absolutely no one was talking about.

Another telling aspect of the comment above is the opening line in which the writer claims conservatives want to control everything. In an age where Democrats imposed Obamacare on the entire nation behind closed doors and liberals are slapping large sodas out of the hands of a supposedly free citizenry, how could someone make such a statement?

Democrats oppose choice on healthcare, education, labor, free speech, gun ownership, and so much more. There is virtually nothing libertarian about the progressive controlled Democratic Party and yet many Americans believe they are the party of freedom. How?

There’s only one answer. The propaganda worked.

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