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Elizabeth Warren Can’t Define Middle Class

January 4, 2013

Elizabeth Warren, supposed champion of the middle class, can’t define what the middle class is in the interview below.

After saying “millionaires and billionaires” ten thousand times over the course of the last year and insisting that the rich need to pay their fair share, all of a sudden, Warren refuses to define the middle class by economic standards. Even the reporter isn’t buying it.

Wow, what a strong answer.

John Hayward of Human Events…

In all fairness, Warren wasn’t very good at defining what a “Cherokee” is, either.

This is not a minor rhetorical point. Our entire system of government is now almost entirely based on the proposition that the “middle class” must be treated differently than everyone else… but as Warren demonstrates, there is no way to define who the “middle class” is.

There are real, quantifiable dollars-and-cents decisions (well, okay, I don’t think the cents matter much, when discussing billions and trillions of dollars) being made on the basis of something that cannot be quantified. Politicians tell us everything must be done on behalf of the “middle class”… and they reserve the right to define who that means, making revisions at the margins whenever it suits them. This is a recipe for limitless political power, and squalor.

Oh, and regarding the whole Native American thing…

When ABC News did a segment on new female senators and all of their historic firsts, Diane Sawyer didn’t acknowledge Elizabeth Warren as the first female Native American senator.

Know why? Because she couldn’t.

She couldn’t call Elizabeth Warren a Native American because it’s a lie and everyone knows it.

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  1. reader permalink
    January 4, 2013 11:37 pm

    And the photo of Warren’s swearing-in that appeared in all the newspapers was staged after the fact. How fitting:

    You can’t make this stuff up.

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