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David Gregory Is Better Than You

January 11, 2013

Which is precisely why he won’t be prosecuted for violating Washington, DC law.

Allahpundit links to this telling piece at The Washington Times…

Irvin Nathan, the attorney general for the District of Columbia, announced Friday that he will not press charges against NBC News’ David Gregory nor any employee of the broadcast network for violating the city’s gun laws. Violation of the city’s firearms laws carry a maximum $1,000 fine and one year in jail.

Law Professor William Jacobson, who has been following this story closely, reports that David Gregory and his wife knew the Washington, DC Attorney General. How convenient…

Whether this connection meant Nathan had to recuse himself is not a conclusion that people need to jump to.

What’s important is that the connection reinforces public perception, as Emily Miller put it, of one law for “the rich and powerful and one for everyone else.”

Exactly right.

Jim Treacher notes the timing of the news.

Iowahawk sums it up.

UPDATE: Stacy McCain has a quote from the Blogfather…

“you can tell how proud they are of this decision by the fact that it came out on a Friday afternoon.”

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