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Obama Uses Videos Of Innocent Children For Gun Control Propaganda

January 17, 2013

I am now fully convinced that nothing is too low for Obama.

I’m also convinced that the people who work for him are master propagandists with no souls.

There are four videos below the fold, HT to Hot Air. I had to put them after the jump because I can’t bear to look at them on my homepage. They’re videos of the four kids who appeared on stage with Obama during his gun control presser. The kids read their letters to the camera and if you listen closely you can almost hear Team-O in the background saying “You don’t hate children… DO YOU?”

As a US Senator, Obama had the most pro-abortion record of anyone, ever. For him to trot out these innocent children and use them as props to advance his anti-gun political agenda is beyond reprehensible.

The parents of these children should be ashamed of themselves. Twenty years from now when these kids are adults, at least one of them will turn to their parents and ask… How could you?

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