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Journal News Removes Map Of Gun Owners

January 18, 2013

Journal News publisher Janet Hasson has finally addressed her act of liberal fascism…

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings, the Journal News thought the community should know where gun permit holders in their community were, in part to give parents an opportunity make careful decisions about their children’s safety.

The Journal News mapped the public database of permit holders, placing a dot on the address of every permit holder in Westchester and Rockland counties and providing the name and street address of each holder. The dots conveyed a powerful message: gun permit holders are everywhere in our counties.

But public reaction to the posting of names and street addresses was swift and divided. Many in the community expressed their gratitude for The Journal News’ decision to make the information available, but permit holders were outraged at what they considered to be an invasion of privacy. Gun owners from across the country vocally conveyed their anger and accused The Journal News of having exposed permit holders and non-permit holders alike to the risk of burglaries and other crimes.

Allahpundit’s reaction is spot on…

Rotten garbage aimed at justifying a transparent attempt to intimidate gun owners. I don’t know how else to read the first paragraph except as an accusation that if you own a gun, however lawfully and however clean your record is, then you’re inherently dangerous or at least more dangerous than the average joe. In that case, if this is all For The Children, why not publish a map of everyone in the county who’s been convicted of a violent offense instead? And it’s also a transparent lie that everyone who wants to view the map has already done so. Apparently, some convicts were using it to let their prison guards know that they should sleep with one eye open.

NY State Senator Greg Ball, who was a loud critic of the Journal News has released a statement…


Brewster, N.Y. – 1/18/2013 – Senator Greg Ball (Patterson – R, C, I) said, “Thank God the Journal News has finally realized the error in their judgment and done the right thing. Whether they did this responding to the public’s outcry or because they were simply fearful of getting sued due to the rash of burglaries and threats against law enforcement and victims of domestic violence, we will never know. Regardless, I am proud to have passed legislation keeping the Journal News from doing this ever again and proud to have been shoulder to shoulder with thousands of residents who were dealt a crappy hand by the eggheads at the Journal News. I look forward to them creating an interactive map of level three sexual predators, rapists and felons with illegal gun purchases, but I won’t hold my breath.”

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