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Media Cheers As Funemployment Goes Up

February 1, 2013

No matter what happens to the American Economy, the Obama loving media finds a way to spin it as good news for Obama. Today, the unemployment rate creeped back up to 7.9% but you’d never know this was bad news if you’re watching our American Pravda.

John Nolte is one of the best writers at Breitbart. Here’s his take…

Media Spins Unemployment Increase as Good News

After the American economy delivered more bad news today in the form of an increase in the unemployment rate and job growth that barely kept up with the increase in population, it took exactly 4.3476 seconds for the Washington Post’s Ezra Klein and some flak for NBC News to jump before the “Morning Joe” cameras to assure Americans this was good news.
Apparently, the increase in the unemployment rate means the economy is so good, more people are joining the labor force … except 169,000 people dropped out of the labor force, and the economy isn’t good; it collapsed over three points in the last quarter and shrunk 0.1.

The AP called today’s news “upbeat, ” you know, even though consumer confidence hit a two-year low. But still, people are optimistic and looking for work … in an economy where chronic unemployment hasn’t been this bad since World War II.

But according to Ezra Klein, that’s because a government that increased spending during the last quarter of last year, actually decreased spending.

The same media which has no problem with Obama’s high unemployment record were hyperventilating with disgust when unemployment reached 5.6% under Bush in 2004.

Regarding the title of this post, do remember Funemployment?

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