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CNN Cares More About Christie’s Weight Than The Blood Clot In Hillary’s Brain

February 7, 2013

Remember when Hillary couldn’t testify about Benghazi because she had a blood clot in her brain?

Here’s how CNN reported the story on January 1st…

Hillary Clinton treated for blood clot in her head

(CNN) — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was treated with blood thinners on Monday at a New York hospital to help dissolve a blood clot in her head and doctors were confident she would make a full recovery.

WHEW! Nothing to worry about, right?

Now let’s look at CNN’s new obsession with Chris Christie’s weight…

CNN Enters Day Three of Partisan ‘Christie Is Fat’ Narrative

Today, during Carol Costello’s CNN hour, her question of the day was, “Should Chris Christie be publicly shamed into losing weight?”
And with that we have officially entered day three of CNN’s viciously partisan attack against the New Jersey governor and potential 2016 Republican contender.

Tuesday, CNN’s left-wing hit-man, Jim Acosta, got the ball rolling with an interview with a White House doctor who said she feared Christie would die in office. This was then used to tie Christie up in knots. At a press conference, the Governor was forced to respond to the irresponsible doctor and did so with a characteristic “shut up” — which she deserved. Responsible doctors do not give a fatal prognosis through the national media.

Acosta, naturally, ate up every moment and, on Wolf Blitzer’s primetime show yesterday,  gleefully recounted every detail.

As long as we’re on the subject of CNN and fatness…

Umm… Hello?

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