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Code Pink Protests Drones At Brennan Hearing, Barely Mentions Obama

February 7, 2013

Alternate title: Useful Idiots Struggle to Remain Relevant

In the minds of American progressives, nothing is ever Obama’s fault. Ever.

So when Code Pink showed up to make asses out of themselves at the Brennan hearing today with their usual charges of war crimes, no one should be surprised to learn that they mentioned the Obama administration only once.

If you look at the protest signs in the photos on Twitchy, you’ll see that Code Pink lays the blame for drone strikes squarely at the feet of John Brennan and the CIA, not Obama who Toure of MSNBC is so fond of reminding us is the commander in chief.

Of course, we must remember that Code Pink has a very special relationship with Obama.

Their top ranking members even had front row seats at his first inauguration in 2009.

It must be a tough time to be a Code Pinker. There aren’t any powerful Republicans to blame and they have to find scapegoats to shift focus away from their hero, the man who’s ultimately responsible and keeps his own personal kill list.

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