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I Thought Using Kids As Political Props Was A Bad Thing

February 9, 2013

Remember when progressives accused Sarah Palin of using her own children as political props for the sheer horror of joining her on stage?

Apparently it’s totally different if you use other people’s children…

Pelosi to Bring Newtown Student to State of the Union

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) announced Friday that she will bring a fourth-grade girl from Newtown, CT to be her guest at the coming State of the Union Address.

The mother of the fourth-grader will also attend.

This particular child is not a student from Sandy Hook Elementary, but Pelosi chose her because of a letter she wrote asking government officials to “ban semi-automatic weapons.”

She wrote:

What everyone in Newtown wants, is for you to ban semi-automatic weapons and large capacity magazines and to make everyone get gun safes. This is important so that a person cannot shoot many at once, and/or injure people badly. This ban will prevent individuals, families, and communities from suffering the way we have in Newtown.

Pelosi is currently pushing 14 gun control measures introduced to the House of Representatives by Democrat lawmakers. She remarked that Democrats have a “small window of time” to get their legislation through the House.

I’m sure there’s nothing political about Nancy Pelosi’s decision to invite this child.

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