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Colorado Democrat’s Rape Comments Get Thorough BenSmithing

February 19, 2013

Yesterday, Mary Katherine Ham of Hot Air posted this video of Colorado Democrat Joe Salazar telling female rape victims they have no right to protect themselves with guns.

After all, that’s what rape whistles are for…

Classy and smart, right?

In response to this horrific statement, conservative blogger SooperMexican posted a new tweet with the hashtag #LiberalTips2AvoidRAPE. Predictably, liberals freaked…

In response to Joe Salazar’s astonishing comments, the left side of the blogosphere did what it always does. Rather than taking responsibility for the comments of one of their own, they attacked the conservative response.

In other words, they engaged in BenSmithing.

BuzzFeed was just shocked… by the conservative response to Salazar’s comments.

So was Mother Jones.

When a conservative says something outrageous, the entire Republican Party is responsible. GOP officials are hauled onto news shows where sanctimonious liberal journalists demand a renunciation of the entire party.

When a Democrat says rape victims should defend themselves with whistles, we hear nothing but crickets from the media while liberal bloggers shape the narrative and make the story all about the reaction of conservatives.

The greatest propagandists in history have nothing on today’s liberal media complex.

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