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Washington State Democrats Propose Warrantless Home Searches

February 19, 2013

For gun control… For the children…

This is what Jonah Goldberg called Liberal Fascism.

It’s not the future and it’s not science fiction. It’s real and it’s being proposed now.

By Democrats…

Forget police drones flying over your house. How about police coming inside, once a year, to have a look around?

As Orwellian as that sounds, it isn’t hypothetical. The notion of police home inspections was introduced in a bill last week in Olympia.

That it’s part of one of the major gun-control efforts pains me. It seemed in recent weeks lawmakers might be headed toward some common-sense regulation of gun sales. But then last week they went too far. By mistake, they claim. But still too far.

“They always say, we’ll never go house to house to take your guns away. But then you see this, and you have to wonder.”

That’s no gun-rights absolutist talking, but Lance Palmer, a Seattle trial lawyer and self-described liberal who brought the troubling Senate Bill 5737 to my attention. It’s the long-awaited assault-weapons ban, introduced last week by three Seattle Democrats.

Ed Morrissey of Hot Air has more.

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  1. February 19, 2013 10:58 pm

    Liberalism, Socialism, Progressives all have one common denominator that leads straight to COMMUNISM!


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