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Not Obama’s Official Twitter Account Urges Action On Sequester

February 26, 2013

Yesterday we learned that Obama’s campaign machine Obama For America or “OFA” has become a tax exempt group called Organizing For Action. They’ve even taken over Obama’s Twitter account, which means that these Twitter messages have absolutely nothing to do with the president.

Ignore that little check mark next to his name which means officially verified account.

(Pictured above: Not Obama’s official Twitter account)

So are we to believe that OFA has become some sort of non-partisan political action group which just so happens to control Obama’s personal Twitter account and just so happens to urge action on his behalf using his own words?

Here’s the truth about the size of the sequester cuts.

And as long as we’re talking about the panic Obama is trying to churn up over this, let us not forget that it was his idea in the first place. See this nifty graphic I picked up from Doug Ross…

Not Obama’s Twitter account likes to talk about how we just keep going from one manufactured crisis to another and he’s right. What he fails to mention is that he’s the manufacturer.

Want to stop all this BS?

Pass a damn budget.

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