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FOX News Still Annihilating Competitors In Cable News Ratings

March 6, 2013

TV Newser reports that FOX News was recently ranked in the top four among all cable channels, surpassing MSNBC and CNN by miles in ratings…

The week of February 25-March 3 was a big one for TV, with lots of new episodes of series on both broadcast and cable channels. For TV news, the week wasn’t as memorable, though the Jodi Arias trial did lead to a rare occasion: HLN topped sister network CNN in both primetime and total day. That hasn’t happened since the Casey Anthony trial.

Fox News was the top cable news channel for the week, placing third among ad-supported cable networks and fourth among all networks in primetime, and fifth among ad-supported nets and sixth among all nets in total day. FNC averaged 1.92 million viewers in primetime and 1.16 million in total day.

MSNBC was 23rd in primetime and 26th in total day (24th and 27th among all nets), averaging 742,000 and 423,000 viewers, respectively. HLN was 34th in primetime and 31st in total day (35th and 32nd among all nets), averaging 509,000 and 371,000 viewers, respectively. CNN placed 36th in primetime and 33rd in total day (37 and 34 among all nets), averaging 488,000 and 369,000 viewers, respectively.

It’s amazing what you can achieve when you’re willing to speak truth to power.

CNN and MSNBC may want to take note of that.

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