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BuzzFeed Tells Liberals That Paul Ryan Wants To Destroy Healthcare

March 12, 2013

And BuzzFeed’s readers nod in agreement because it’s what they want to believe. It’s what they’ve been taught to believe.

It doesn’t matter that BuzzFeed was pointing out a case of mixed words that would be obvious to anyone who follows news and politics. They don’t care that Paul Ryan was really saying that Obama is destroying the healthcare system.

All they care about is that it came out wrong which proves (in the minds of their readers) that Paul Ryan is the one who’s trying to destroy healthcare because rich Republicans…

House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s unveiling of the House Republicans’ budget Tuesday featured the elimination of President Obama’s health care law and a gaffe that liberals on Twitter were quick to jump on as a “Freudian slip.”

“This is something we will not give up on because we are not going to give up on destroying the health care system for the American people.”

Here are some choice comments from BuzzFeed’s completely misleading post.

“Freud had nothing to do with it. He was being honest. He wants to destroy anything that helps the lesser among us. According to his beliefs, it is every man for himself.”

“Sooooo, the truth slipped out. We already knew this but it’s nice to know he understands what he is doing. Maybe NOT killing health care for most of America would be better.”

“Freudian slip, you bet. Accident? No way. Everyone remember please, in Paul’s little Randian world, if you aren’t rich enough to pay for your own medical care completely on your own, you’re a moocher, a parasite, and you’re dirt.”

It doesn’t even matter what Paul Ryan actually said or what he meant. All that matters is traffic for BuzzFeed and the satisfaction of their far left readership.

Know what’s not on BuzzFeed?

This picture of ObamaCare. Tell me again. Who’s trying to destroy healthcare?

Know what? You idiots deserve fascism.

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