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Michelle Obama Launches Courageous New Program Urging People To Drink Water

September 12, 2013

If there’s one thing a country facing trillions of dollars in debt needs, it’s a taxpayer funded campaign reminding people to drink water.

The typically left leaning Atlantic is skeptical about the first lady’s brilliant new plan…

A massive American pro-water-drinking program launches today. It makes odd claims.

[Michelle] Obama’s appearance today is just part of the campaign’s “bi-lingual day of water messages on a dozen TV shows … which will involve hosts drinking water and encouraging viewers to drink water.” The shows include Today, Good Morning America, The View, Live With Kelly and Michael, Late Night, The Tonight Show, The Late Show, The Doctors, and Rachel Ray. All will feature “Drink up” messages.

Why? That is the question.

How dare The Atlantic question Michelle Obama. RAAAACCCIIIISTS!

Sorry, perhaps I overreacted. Let’s ask the question. Why is Michelle Obama launching a campaign to remind Americans to drink water?

Excellent points, gentlemen.

I look forward to the first lady’s next taxpayer funded campaign about breathing air.

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