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Comedians Have Failed the American People in the Age of Obama

May 2, 2014

Saturday Night Live acts like Romney won in 2012, liberals continue to falsely attribute a Tina Fey quote to Sarah Palin, Funny or Die has become an arm of the Obama administration and the most liberal late night host in America is taking over for David Letterman. It wasn’t always this way.

In fact, it has only been this way since Obama became president.

Instapundit points to an amazing piece by Chris Stigall of Human Events…

Court jester journalists

They said Cronkite’s journalism brought down the Vietnam War and President Johnson.

They used to say that once a president became fodder for late night comics, he was cooked.

President Nixon was the most famous natural enemy of the press.

Presidents Bush and Clinton were too much for the late night comics to pass up.

We said “so long” to the press speaking “truth to power” years ago. Their ideology and partisanship gave us Rush Limbaugh and the vast medium of talk radio that followed his lead. Look no further than former CBS investigative journalist Sharyl Attkisson if you need more proof.

Attkisson has become a liberal lightning rod – sharing her story of a press and political “clubhouse” where membership demands loyalty to one another first rather than the public they serve. From the National Security Administration’s tapping of journalists phones to press corps blackouts during White House travel – yes, journalism flat-lined long ago.

But, there was still comedy. Comedy gave us a respite from politization. If you were powerful, you were eventually a target. Rich, famous, scandalous, popular, unpopular – no matter. Our comedians and comedy shows would always speak truth to power and serve as the great societal equalizer.

No longer. Something deeply disturbing is happening in comedy. Not just here or there, but broadly. Comedians and those in comedy writing are choosing political sides. By force or by choice – they’re drawing political battle lines instead of writing punch lines.



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