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Liberal Media Tones Down Lois Lerner’s Insulting “Asshole” Comment

July 30, 2014

Today the Ways and Means Committee released damning IRS email exchanges in which Lois Lerner referred to conservative Americans as “crazies” and “assholes.”

Image via Hot Air…

Can you guess which word the Associated Press and Politico chose to focus on?

Via Memeorandum…

Given the choice between crazies and assholes, which word do you think is less damaging to Lerner, the IRS and by extension, the Obama administration?

If this was a Republican administration, do you really believe liberal media outlets would choose to report crazies over assholes? If you do, I have a healthcare plan I’d like to sell you. Don’t worry, you can totally keep your doctor.

I’ll leave you with this tweet from T. Becket Adams.

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