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Wisconsin Supreme Court Upholds Walker Reforms, Public Unions Hardest Hit

July 31, 2014

Remember a few years ago when Occupy types and union activists invaded the Wisconsin capitol building? And remember when those same folks tried to recall Walker as governor and lost?

And remember that time when they tried to use the power of government to intimidate and harass Wisconsin conservatives?

Yeah, that’s all done…

Wisconsin Justices Uphold Union Limits, a Victory for the Governor

The Wisconsin Supreme Court on Thursday upheld a law that significantly limits collective bargaining rights for most public workers, dealing a decisive blow to labor unions in the state and handing Gov. Scott Walker a crucial victory in an election year.

The law, known as Act 10, became the signature legislation of Mr. Walker, a Republican who drew national notice when he proposed it after taking office in 2011. The measure brought thousands of union supporters to the State Capitol in protest and galvanized efforts to limit unions in Republican-controlled states.

In a 5-to-2 decision, justices rejected arguments that the restrictions on collective bargaining violated freedom of association and equal protection rights, among others.

William Jacobson has posted the full decision at Legal Insurrection.

I’ll leave you with this declaration from Ace…

The voter ID decision is also a biggie, but here is the orgasm-inducing quote from the Milkwaukee Journal-Sentinel:

In upholding Gov. Scott Walker’s union law limiting collective bargaining for most public employees, the state Supreme Court effectively ended major litigation over the measure.

It’s over.

We won, they lost.

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