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I, For One, Welcome Our New Hamburger Making Robot Overlords

August 2, 2014

Labor unions think they scored big with McDonald’s this week. They’re wrong.


Via Instapundit. Megan McArdle writes at Forbes…

Unions Are Lovin’ McDonald’s Labor Ruling

The most surprising bit of news this week was a ruling out from the National Labor Relations Board, saying that McDonald’s Corp. functions as a joint employer with its franchisees and can therefore be held liable for their employment decisions. The immediate effect is to join McDonald’s to a few dozen labor disputes at individual stores. But the goal is pretty clearly much larger: making it much easier to unionize McDonald’s, by allowing unions to organize the whole company, rather than trying to eke out victories one store at a time. If this ruling stands, it will have seismic effects on the franchise model.

Those seismic effects are going to take shape in the form of fully automated McDonald’s restaurants. What used to be considered a starter job for young people will be almost completely phased out in time.

Unions see thousands of new dues paying members but that view is shortsighted. This decision will destroy thousands of jobs.

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  1. August 2, 2014 9:02 pm

    My experience with unions says that it will be a long term success for the union bosses since they will give themselves nice bonuses for such a big win. Our UAW plant recently closed – one of the choices the union leadership made was that it was better to pay no one at $30/hour than to pay 4000 dues-paying members $27/hour.

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