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The Week in Review at College Insurrection

August 2, 2014

It was Pointless Studies Week at College Insurrection.

Cross posted at Legal Insurrection…

Who’s up for wasting some time and tax dollars?

Maybe we really do need an extra grade.

We can use it to focus on spelling.

To be fair, Texas is getting some things right.

Why do people have a problem with free speech on campus?

And why is higher education still obsessed with rape culture?

So, is this a thing now?

Let’s learn something about teachers unions.

Compare and contrast the following stories.

There’s something in the water in California.

Israel and Gaza update…

Campus sex update.

The higher ed bubble cometh.

Feminism isn’t what it used to be.

Here’s a good question.

Let’s part on a humorous note.

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