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BAD NEWS: Obama’s Two Week Martha’s Vineyard Vacation to be Interrupted

August 8, 2014

Obama’s two week trip to the posh and quaint Massachusetts island of Martha’s Vineyard won’t be cancelled or postponed but unfortunately it will be interrupted.


Obama’s Two-Week Martha’s Vineyard Vacation Has a Pre-Planned Interruption

President Barack Obama’s two-week vacation to Martha’s Vineyard begins on Saturday, but this year, it will be sandwiched around a short trip back to the nation’s capital.

In what the Associated Press calls an “odd move,” the President will return to the White House for meetings halfway through his vacation. A supposed two-week trip is now two shorter trips so that he can attend some meetings with White House officials. He’ll be on the island from Aug. 9 to 17, and then from Aug. 19 to 24.

The trip comes just a day after the President announced the US would be authorized to carry out bombing campaigns in Iraq to combat advancing ISIS militants. White House press secretary Josh Earnest declined to say what the White House meetings would be about. Obama has often resisted calls to cut his vacations short amid crises, the AP noted, making this short trip back to Washington peculiar.

As with trips in previous years, there should be plenty of opportunities for onlookers to catch the President doing his typical Martha’s Vineyard schtick: some biking, some schmoozing, and lots of golf.

The comments at the article are pretty brutal.

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