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Seven People Attend Code Pink Protest Against Obama Airstrikes in Iraq

August 15, 2014

Hey everybody, remember Code Pink?

Like the rest of the recently missing anti-war left, they were front and center in media reports while George W. Bush was president. Now? Not so much.

It turns out Code Pink still protests occasionally but in smaller numbers and with no media attention.

Check out this rare honest reportage from The Huffington Post…

Code Pink Aims To Rally Public Against U.S. Airstrikes In Iraq

Code Pink won national attention during the presidency of George W. Bush for its high-profile protests against the Iraq War. On Monday evening, the anti-war group was back organizing a rally against the Obama administration’s launching of an aerial campaign in northern Iraq.

But the contrast between this latest protest and those of the past was jarring: Just seven people showed up.

Code Pink co-founder Medea Benjamin told The Huffington Post not to read too much into the low turnout, which she attributed to anti-war activist burnout.

Activist burnout? Really?

As long as we’re all lying to ourselves, here’s my new dictionary definition of activist burnout.

Activist Burnout(noun) 1. The strange feeling liberals get when the anti-war candidate they supported continues or expands the policies of George W. Bush. 2. Utter bullshit.

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  1. James H. Wise permalink
    August 17, 2014 10:55 pm

    And yet they’re wearing “Arrest Bush” shirts. Go figure.

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