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The Left’s Endless War on Scott Walker’s Success in Wisconsin

August 27, 2014

When Wisconsin governor Scott Walker first enacted his public employee union reforms, the left went nuts and took over the state capitol building. And lost.

Then they mounted a campaign to recall Walker. And lost.

Then they tried to use the force of government to intimidate and harass Walker supporters. And lost.

Now they’re running another candidate against Walker but he may have cut them off at the pass.

Michael Barone writes at The Washington Examiner…

Letting the cat out of the bag on the role of public employee unions

Noam Scheiber makes a good case for the importance of the Wisconsin governor’s race at the New Republic. But the most interesting thing comes in what Scheiber, perhaps inadvertently, admits. Referring to the limitations on public employee union bargaining imposed by Governor Scott Walker and the Republican legislature, Scheiber writes, “He’s effectively defunded a key Democratic constituency.”

Let’s unpack that. Where do public employee unions get their money? Directly from dues paid by public employees, who in turn get that money from taxpayers. Where does that money go? Politically, almost entirely to the Democratic Party, as Scheiber admits. Public employee unions, whatever else they do, are (in almost all cases) a mechanism for mandatory taxpayer financing of one political party. Scheiber’s complaint is that Wisconsin Republicans have cut the amount of such public financing.

Guy Benson of Hot Air has some good and weird polling news on the subject.

Hopefully, the people of Wisconsin know they’re better off under Walker…

Unemployment down in Wisconsin cities, counties

Unemployment fell in most Wisconsin cities and counties in July.

The state Department of Workforce Development released data Wednesday that shows unemployment rates fell in 22 of the state’s 32 largest cities compared with June.

Rates were unchanged in La Crosse, New Berlin and Wausau and rose slightly in Brookfield, Fond du Lac, Kenosha, Milwaukee, Oshkosh, Racine and Superior. Racine had the highest unemployment rate at 11.3 percent followed by Milwaukee at 9.4 percent. Caledonia had the lowest at 3.3 percent.

Unemployment rates fell in 63 of 72 counties, remained unchanged in four counties and rose in five counties. Menominee had the highest unemployment among all the counties at 18.3 percent. Dane County had the lowest at 4 percent.

The state’s overall unemployment rate was 5.8 percent.

The left can whine all they want but they can’t change the fact that Wisconsin’s unemployment rate is lower than the national number.

Guess who deserves credit for that?

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  1. genomega1 permalink
    August 27, 2014 8:57 pm

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    The Left’s Endless War on Scott Walker’s Success in Wisconsin

  2. August 30, 2014 2:01 pm

    Reblogged this on Two Heads are Better Than One and commented:
    The fact that Governor Walker has turned Wisconsin around so rapidly, DESPITE such lockstep opposition from the Left, makes his results all the more impressive. Once he wins reelection in November (and he will), watch for him to be one of the favorites to win the GOP nomination for President in 2016…

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