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An Old White Male Democrat Will Decide Who is Truly Latino in New Mexico

September 9, 2014

Republican New Mexico governor Susana Martinez is facing an old white male Dem challenger this year.

Apparently, he’s a better judge of who’s truly Latino than she is.

Michael Warren of the Weekly Standard reported. Hat tip to Hot Air.

NM Dem Says GOP Guv Martinez ‘Does Not Have a Latino Heart’

Susana Martinez of New Mexico is the first female Hispanic governor in the country. She’s also a gun-toting, tough-on-crime conservative Republican, and that’s got Democrats in New Mexico itching to defeat her. Martinez’s Democratic opponent for reelection this year is attorney general Gary King, the son of former three-term governor Bruce King. In new video obtained by THE WEEKLY STANDARD, the younger King told fellow Democrats at a fundraiser that Martinez “does not have a Latino heart.”

Here’s the video:

Imagine the field day the media would have with this if a white male Republican said such a thing about a Democrat Latino woman.

Now you know why this won’t get any coverage in the mainstream press.

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