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New York Times Rings The Alarm Bell For Democrats

September 17, 2014

You know things are bad for Democrats when the New York Times is forced to admit it…

G.O.P. Gains Strength and Obama Gets Low Marks, Poll Finds

A New York Times/CBS News poll shows that President Obama’s approval ratings are similar to those of President George W. Bush in 2006 when Democrats swept both houses of Congress in the midterm elections.

A deeply unpopular Republican Party is nonetheless gaining strength heading into the midterms, as the American public’s frustration with Mr. Obama has manifested itself in low ratings for his handling of foreign policy and terrorism.

The generic ballot question, which measures national sentiment for the House of Representatives vote, shows a notable swing of voters toward the Republican Party and away from Democrats. Voters’ dissatisfaction with their own representatives has hit a high as nearly two-thirds say they are ready to throw their own representatives out of office.

Voters trust Republicans over Democrats to handle the economy, terrorism and foreign policy.

Two notes for the Times…

It’s GOP, not G.O.P.

And if Republicans are so “deeply unpopular” why are they polling so well?

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