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Penguins is Practically Chickens

September 20, 2014

Neil deGrasse Tyson is supposed to be some sort of expert on science but recently he’s been caught just making stuff up about multiple subjects and fabricating various quotes.

Sean Davis of The Federalist has done a great job of documenting Tyson’s errors and it has gotten him attacked by leftists at Fark and Wikipedia…

Why Is Wikipedia Deleting All References To Neil Tyson’s Fabrication?

[UPDATE: Early this morning, in a discussion thread about whether references to Neil deGrasse Tyson’s history of quote fabrication should be added to Tyson’s Wikipedia page, an editor stated that “no version of this event will be allowed into the article.”]

Religious fanatics have an odd habit of overreacting when people have the audacity to question their fanaticism. In Iraq, radical Islamic jihadists are systemically murdering and beheading Christians, Jews, and even Muslims who do not pledge fealty to ISIS’s religious tenets. Hundreds of years ago, church authorities and Aristotelian acolytes placed Galileo under house arrest for having the audacity to reject geocentrism in favor of heliocentrism. The Bible recounts how Christians were persecuted and stoned, and Jesus himself was crucified for contradicting the religious dogma of the day.


Another person who’s been all over this Tyson thing is Ace of Spades.

Yesterday, Tyson tweeted this erroneous statement about penguins…

Ace responded with a bunch of other little known “facts” about penguins…

Here are some other PENGUIN FACTS.

FACT: Penguins are marsupials.

FACT: Penguins burrow into the ground and await their prey beneath a “trap-door” made from their webbing, disguised with leaves and twigs.

FACT: Penguins are apex predators, lethal killing machines that have not evolved since the Cretaceous Era. The word “Penguin” derives from the Spanish penguinarre, “Foppish Dagger.”

FACT: Humanity’s myths of dragons and krakens spring from penguin sightings. The word “Penguin” derives from the Italian penniginarro, “Horror from the Depths.”

FACT: The only defense against a penguin that has locked in on you with its Predator Vision is to stab yourself in the neck with a pencil and bleed yourself out until you have virtually no pulse. Penguins prefer fresh kills. Their name derives from the Norwegian, pangskjinj, meaning “Finicky Murder-Fowl.”

FACT: Penguins are capable of flight, but they prefer to STEAL CARS.

FACT: Penguins have large flock structures with complex and fluid hierarchies in order to facilitate KIDNAPPING and IDENTITY THEFT.

FACT: When you hear your floorboards creak at night those are PENGUINS GOING THROUGH ALL YOUR PERSONAL SHIT. The word “penguin” derives from the South American Indian pa’hannae’gun, meaning PHANTOM THAT DOES HOME INVASIONS.

All of this reminded me of the classic 1950 Warner Brothers cartoon “8 Ball Bunny” in which I learned “Penguins is practically chickens.” Enjoy…

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