Skip to content Says Hong Kong Protesters Have Their Hands Up Because of Ferguson

September 29, 2014

Umm.. No.’s content director Max Fisher tweeted this on Sunday night which means he’s either an idiot or a liar…

The protesters in Hong Kong are simply raising their hands to show they don’t have weapons.

Raising your hands in subordination to an armed foe is universal.

The fact that progressives in media would rush to associate this with Ferguson is telling for a few reasons.

The first one is arrogance. People like Max Fisher and his fellow geniuses at VOX just assume that the Chinese protesters care about what’s happening in Ferguson because they do.

Hey, the Chinese people are putting their hands up. They must think the same way we do about Ferguson!

The second reason is that people who write for outlets like VOX are liberal activists first and journalists second. Do you recall the fact that journalists eventually outnumbered protesters in Ferguson?

Liberal media types who rushed to Ferguson cared more about the story than the protesters and most of America.

That leads to the third point.

VOX and others in the liberal media aren’t covering the news, they’re trying to create and be part of it.

That also goes back to my first point about arrogance.

They assume you care about the stories they care about because after all, why wouldn’t you?

They’re the smart people.

Not you.

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