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Obama Makes Women Feel Unsafe Says… Liberal Writer Tina Brown

October 20, 2014

This would be the same Tina Brown who drove Newsweek Magazine into an early grave by publishing too many Obama worship pieces.

She’s singing a different tune about Obama now.

Does this make her a racist woman hater? I only ask because we all know that’s exactly what progressives would say if these words had been uttered by the likes of Sarah Palin or any other conservative woman.

Video via the Washington Free Beacon…

Noah Rothman of Hot Air has some bad news for Democrats…

Among the findings in Politico’s latest poll of battleground voters which indicated that Republicans are set to have a good night on November 4 was the counterintuitive finding that the GOP is losing a number of key voting blocs; Republicans are behind with African-Americans, Hispanics, all voters under the 65 or older demo, and women. However, the GOP is only losing among battleground women by 5 points. Without a double-digit disadvantage among all women, and not merely the unmarried variety, Republican candidates will usually be competitive at the polls.

This poll confirmed what others have observed: Democratic-leaning women are simply not interested in voting this cycle.

We all knew Democrats would keep using the “war on women” until it didn’t work anymore.

It looks like that time has come.

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