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Liberal Media: Here’s What Hillary Meant When She Stuck Her Foot in Her Mouth

October 27, 2014

Last Friday, Hillary Clinton really stepped in it.

She opened her mouth and said businesses and corporations don’t create jobs. She didn’t falter or stutter and no one in the audience skipped a beat because she was speaking to an adoring crowd of leftist Martha Coakley supporters in Boston.

Here’s the video:

Sounds pretty stupid, doesn’t it? Not to worry though, the liberal media came charging over the hill today to explain what Hillary Clinton really meant when she said that.

BuzzFeed claims Hillary “Fumbled” that jobs line…

Hillary Clinton Corrects Fumbled “Jobs” Line

When Hillary Clinton fumbled a line at a rally last Friday — “Don’t let anybody tell you that corporations and businesses create jobs” — the comment caused a minor outrage among political observers. Republicans said she’d been pandering to liberals. Democrats wondered if she’d been trying too hard to channel Elizabeth Warren, the populist senator who also spoke at the event.

On Monday, Clinton went out of her way to correct the comment at a rally for Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney, the Democrat up for reelection in this Hudson Valley district.

Clinton said in her speech that corporations that outsource jobs or move profits overseas should not be granted tax breaks. The clarification made clear that the remark was a botched line — not new messaging from Clinton, who has honed a new stump speech during a series of rallies ahead the election next month.

Politico gave Hillary a chance to “clarify” the jobs line…

Hillary Clinton clarifies jobs comment

Hillary Clinton on Monday mopped up her botched statement from a rally in Massachusetts last week, making it clear she’d misspoken and hadn’t intended to deliver a fresh economic policy message.

Clinton’s cleanup came as she campaigned with Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney in Somers, about 90 minutes north of New York City, after two days in which Republicans bandied the likely White House candidate’s Friday comment, made in the context of talking about trickle-down economics, on social media and the single sentence began gaining traction.

A Clinton aide later said the former secretary of state had meant to talk about tax breaks for corporations and businesses in that sentence, which led into a line about how trickle-down economics had “failed spectacularly” — a sentiment she has long held. The overall context was clear that she had left words out of a sentence; the comment made little sense without it.

Uh huh. Sure.

It almost looks like the liberal media is doing damage control for Hillary.


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