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No One Is “Accusing” Lena Dunham of What She Did to Her Sister

November 3, 2014

This is a classic case of how information is reported when it reflects badly on liberals.

Let’s get the story straight. Here are the facts:

Lena Dunham wrote a book about herself.

In that book, she wrote about exploring her baby sister’s genitals as a child as well as many other questionable acts. In the course of her writing, she used the words “sexual predator” to describe herself and her actions.

Kevin Williamson of National Review wrote an article about her book in which he quoted her.

Truth Revolt wrote an article about the book and quoted her.

Now Dunham is threatening to sue Truth Revolt for quoting her.

Almost every news outlet covering the story now is using headlines like:

Lena Dunham responds to right wing claims…

Lena Dunham responds to accusations…

Absolutely no one is making claims or accusations. They quoted her. From her own book. Which she wrote. In her own words.

If Lena Dunham is upset about the blowback from her creepy revelations, she should look in a mirror.

No one is reporting anything but her own words.

Some news and opinion sites on the left are actually defending Dunham.

They should ask themselves how they’d report this story if it was about Bristol Palin.

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  1. November 3, 2014 9:52 pm

    She should have just spoken about it on MSNBC. There would have been no one to hear it.

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