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I Believe This 1970’s Cartoon Explains Obama’s Position on the Midterms

November 5, 2014

Our completely tone deaf president has now affirmed that he learned absolutely nothing or just doesn’t care that his party was completely destroyed in Tuesday’s midterm elections.

Mary Katharine Ham of Hot Air sums it up…

The man who would not pivot

President Obama took to the podium today to inform the nation that he will change exactly nothing about how he does his job after a historic drubbing in the midterm elections. He will tout the same policies in the same ways, with no particular plan for how to get any of them passed, with no particular nevermind paid to how the politics have shifted tectonically beneath his feet, armed with nothing but his assertions of his rightness. Again.

I’m reminded of something very obscure.

A cartoon I saw on the 1970’s show for children known as The Electric Company.

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  1. November 6, 2014 9:41 am

    Nothing sweet about the way Obama rolls!

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