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Let’s Be Bad Winners

November 5, 2014

Jim Treacher once said that liberals are sore losers but even worse winners. I’ve looked for the post where he said it but I can’t find it – if you’re reading this Jim, you’ve got my email address.

Anyway, the point he made was absolutely correct. Who can forget Obama famously declaring “I won” to Republicans in congress back in 2009?

After last night’s stunning victories for Republicans, I have a suggestion. Let’s be bad winners for once.

For a few days or weeks (or maybe months) let’s really rub the left’s nose in this at every opportunity.

I want Republicans to hold onto their seats in the House and the Senate. I certainly don’t want to hurt the GOP’s chances in 2016 but just for a little while, can we have some fun with this victory? Can we introduce a few bills that we have no intention of passing just to fuck with the left’s heads?

How about a bill to ban the sale of tampons and condoms on the second Tuesday of every month? Or better yet, a tampon and condom control bill that requires a thorough background check for purchases with a 90 day waiting period – no pun intended.

Maybe someone should introduce a 100,000 page bill requiring all American citizens to own a gun. We’ll have the IRS enforce it and say that you can’t file your taxes until you can prove that you’ve purchased a gun and attended a firearms training class.

Newly elected Republicans should hold a press conference introducing the bill, a six foot high stack of pages that are sloppily thrown together and they should laugh repeatedly as they’re explaining it saying that none of them have read it. They could even do it on Christmas Eve.

Perhaps someone could introduce a bill requiring only liberal political groups to provide the names, addresses, phone numbers and tax returns of every member, leader and donor.

Again, none of this is serious, I just want to screw with their heads. Let’s threaten to do to liberals, every single thing they did to us and every stupid thing they falsely accused us of wanting to do to them.

Let’s be bad winners like them for once.

Just for fun.

I’m open to suggestions. What else could we do?

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  1. November 5, 2014 8:59 pm

    Actually, for me, this one is serious, but it would make the president cry – a tax credit for stay-at-home wives/mothers.

  2. November 5, 2014 11:16 pm

    How is this?

  3. YourMaster permalink
    November 5, 2014 11:44 pm

    I have a great idea… pass gun control with the intention of getting the dems on board…
    then add a stipulation that all liberals/dems in the usa are banned from every being allowed to use, own, carry or be within 100 miles of a firearm for any purposes including self defense …with 60 yrs in prison, a high punishable fine like 100,000, or a straight death sentence for any of them caught with one.

    let lefties suffer the idiocy of their own policies that they want the rest of america to live under first… once liberals start being murdered by armed criminals… fairly frequently… they will want to abolish the law… and reinstate guns for themselves… but their dem base will be so furious they won’t allow it… but when the cops take 58 mins to show up… or on a bad day 3-4 hrs they might understand the retardation of their own lefty policies finally. but only after the suffer under it for 80-100 yrs or more.

    or here’s another one… make it so that instead of jihadists being put in prisons…
    they have to live in Democrat/liberal/progressive homes…
    and when I say jihadists… I mean the type of people who will massacre libs by the thousands… and likely behead them, and then murder and rape their wives/daughters in honor killings …after a few thousand episodes of this….

    you will see Dems turn against muslims and no longer be so pro-muslim
    ….and their own base will be conflicted and torn in two.. because a lot of them will call it racist for dems to do that to islamics… or islamophobic for not being considerate of the jihadists feelings hahahahaha…

    it will alienate, upset and destroy their base big time

  4. Ike permalink
    November 6, 2014 12:14 am

    Try playing it straight: pass a budget that doesn’t fund all the Democratic Party’s NGO’s (like Planned Parenthood, NPR, Acorn, e.g.) and that doesn’t fund anything that we the people don’t really like but can’t get enough votes to repeal (e.g., Affordable Care Act, DREAM Act via executive order) and a budget that might be balanced … or at least a lot closer. Close the valve on the money flow to the Dem’s buddies.

  5. Kenny permalink
    November 6, 2014 9:04 am

    How about a bill that gives all service members who weren’t section eights permanent national CCW permits that no state law can repeal. You have a DD FORM 214 bring your gun anywhere.

  6. November 6, 2014 11:57 am

    You could have all women of childbearing age “prove” they’re really and truly only on a diet and not actually trying to self-abort.

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